Lafayette Parish Real Estate Trends

New listings have started declining over the past several weeks.
New pending properties have been stable, with the exception of two weeks ago.
We have just seen the highest number of closed sales in one week since I have started tracking data on a weekly basis.
The weekly median sales prices have remained stable.
Year over year metrics continues to show favorable results.
Month over month metrics (August 2019 vs 2020) is showing favorable results.
Year to date metrics are showing favorable results.
The number of closed sales has increased by 11% from 2019.
Sales volume for 2020 is much higher than prior years.
The number of sold properties has increased by 17% in August 2020 compared to August 2019.
Sales volume remains high in August 2020.

St. Martin Parish Market Update

All of the metrics in the year over year data are moving in a favorable direction.
Year to date data is indicating more of an unfavorable change than the year over year data.
Although difficult to see, the red trend line is moving in a favorable direction.
The red trend line for the median sales price is moving in a favorable direction.
Year to date is showing a 7.6% decrease in the number of sales for St. Martin Parish.
Year to date (Ending on June 30th) sales volume is down for St. Martin Parish
The month of June had a 30% increase in the number of sales for 2020 compared to 2019
The month of June shows a significant increase from the month of May in 2020.
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