Iberia Parish


Iberia Parish is located in the heart of Louisiana’s Cajun and Creole country. Our real estate appraisal office serves Iberia Parish, and we have a deep understanding of the local market and can provide accurate appraisals for a variety of property types.

Iberia Parish is known for its rich history and culture, with a strong Cajun and Creole influence. The area is home to many historic landmarks and museums, including the Shadows-on-the-Teche plantation, the Bayou Teche Museum, and the Conrad Rice Museum.

The lifestyle in Iberia Parish is characterized by its laid-back pace of life, warm community, and love of good food. The area is home to many locally-owned restaurants, serving up delicious Cajun and Creole dishes. Residents also enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including fishing, hunting, and birdwatching.

New Iberia is the largest city in Iberia Parish, with a charming downtown area that boasts many shops, restaurants, and historic buildings. The city is also home to the Shadows-on-the-Teche plantation, the Bayou Teche Museum, and the Spanish Lake Recreation Area.

Other communities in Iberia Parish include Loreauville, known for its annual Bonfires on the Teche celebration, and Jeanerette, known for its historic buildings and the Jeanerette Museum.

As a real estate appraiser, we know that Iberia Parish offers a range of property types, from historic homes in downtown New Iberia to ranches and farms on the outskirts of the city. The area’s strong economy and diverse job market make it an attractive place to live and work. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer in Loreauville or an experienced investor in New Iberia, we can provide you with the appraisal services you need to make informed decisions about your real estate transactions.

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