Establishing a realistic and fair list price when selling a home is very important.  An underpriced property can leave money on the table for homeowners and real estate agents.  Properties that are overpriced can waste valuable time, money, and efforts.

This service provides real estate agents and homeowners with an accurate and affordable solution for determining a home’s gross living area (GLA).  Having the correct GLA in your listing can save you time and money.

When an estate has a transfer of ownership due to death or inheritance, it is common for an appraisal to be needed for tax purposes.  Estate appraisals are often ordered months or years after the inheritance or date of death.  A retrospective appraisal based on a date in the past may be needed to value the property. 

For a divorce, an appraisal is typically needed to determine the fair market value of a home or property.  Often times, the house is either sold with the profits split, or one party buys out the other party.

Rush services are available where your appraisal report is electronically delivered to you within an expedited time frame.

Foreclosure and short sale appraisal services cater to the needs of homeowners in default, banks with real estate owned properties (REOs), mortgage lenders, HUD, FHA, law firms, loan services, and other financial institutions.

Private mortgage insurance (PMI) is often required with conventional financing where the buyer has a down payment of less than 20 percent.  After a homeowner has built up the necessary equity, they may be eligible to cancel PMI insurance and capture significant savings.  An appraisal can help determine if sufficient equity is available.

You may be paying more than your fair share of property taxes due to overvalued properties.  If the discrepancy can’t be resolved with a phone call, a professional, independent, third party appraisal may be needed.

It is important to get affairs and estate in order during the transition into the retirement years.  This includes knowing the value of your real estate assets and properties.

An appraisal is usually required to determine collateral for a bail bond while your loved one is in jail or some type of custody.  These types of appraisals receive high priority, and our services are discreet and confidential to assure your privacy.