📊One of the common ways we monitor market stats is parish by parish. This graphic shows how each market behaves a little different. While the end of the 3rd quarter is about 15 days away, we can still gather some good info on the general direction of the data.
Interesting takeaways:
💥Lafayette parish’s sales volume tends to be more than double the volume of the other 5 parishes combined. The stats tend to be a little “smoother” for the parishes like Lafayette with more sales.
💥Sales prices in Lafayette parish appear to still be slightly increasing.📈 Vermilion parish shows somewhat stable prices.↔️ The data for the other parishes are indicating some decline.📉
⚠️Keep in mind, there’s still so many ways to slice the data even within a parish. Sales price ranges, MLS areas, home sizes and ages, to just name a few. The stats represent the average or median and don’t apply to EVERY SINGLE house in a parish.