is a national source for finding local appraisers.  It is a network of trusted, knowledgeable local appraisers, that are dedicated to delivering accurate, quality valuations for your home.  Whether you are purchasing a home, refinancing a home, listing your home for sale, or going through a divorse,  a local appraiser is an important part of the valuation process. 

Local appraisers research, analyse, and report local market conditions, which is an important piece of the appraisal.  It is important for consumers to know if property values are increasing, decreasing, or stable.  Consumers also need to know if the market is over supplied or under supplied.  These findings can help a homeowner decide where they want to list their house at.  It could also help a buyer decide on what price that they want to offer on a house. 

Duplechin Appraisals, LLC is a proud member of this organization.  If we can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact us at 337.254.2215 or